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Freja Blomstrand, born 1996-08-22, is a Swedish photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

She has recently graduated from Griffith College Dublin with a BA in Photographic Media. Freja enjoys working with fashion and fine-art photography. Her interests lies in exploring and portraying identity and various societal issues. 


+ 46 73 837 63 41


- February 2020: Photography assistant for Johnny Savage

- January 2020: Digital Technician for WeShoot Ltd.

- November: December 2018 - Photographer for CrossDay and Deadpan Pictures film production ‘The Last Right’ (released in cinemas in Ireland Dec 2019)

- June 2016 - July 2016: Concert and events photographer for Sommarkväll på Gåsemora

- April 2015 - September 2016: Photographer and editor for Swedish independent fashion & art magazine 'The New Issue'


- December 2019: Griffith College's Christmas Exhibition (Griffith College Dublin)

- November - December 2019: HALFTONE print fair (The Library Project, Dublin)

- May 2019: Griffith College's 2nd Year Exhibition (A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin)


- 2020:  Nominated for The Gallery of Photography's Graduate Awards


- March 2020: 'Baked Goods' Issue #1